Team Trivia

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How it Works

Team Trivia® is played in rounds. Each round has three questions in different categories. The first three rounds have point values available in five (5), three (3), and one (1). You can use these point values in any order and apply them to your answers, but you can only use each point value once per round.

The halftime question typically will have four correct answers, and each correct answer by the player will give them two (2) points.

After the halftime question, the point values in each of the next three rounds change to six (6), four (4) and two (2). Again, these values can only be used once in each round.

The final question is then asked and each team will wager a point value of up to 15 points. If a team answers the question correctly, it receives the number of points wagered. If a team’s answer is incorrect, the team will then have the wagered points subtracted from its previous total. A team may choose not to answer the final question or wager “zero” points and submit an answer. In either case, such team’s point total for the game would not change.

The Team Trivia® winner is the team with the most points at the conclusion of the final question. Tie breakers are handled by the host for any teams tied for 1st, 2nd or 3rd places. Once the final order of finish is determined, prizes are then awarded to the teams by the Trivia Host.

The Rules

1) NO CHEATING!!! This means NO cell phones and no reference materials!!
2) Don’t shout out the answers!
3) One answer per team- your team’s answer must be turned in by the end of the song.
4) Answers that have been turned in are final- no corrections!!
5) Rulings made by the Trivia Host are final.