MoJoe Coffee Milk Stout

Coffee Milk Stout collaboration with Stone Tower Joe Coffee roasted in Fairmont, WV.

A Study In Scarlet

Cherrywood Smoked Vanilla Porter. This smoked porter is served english-style out of a cask.

Muck Savage Irish Braggot

This brawny braggot will turn any scrawny city dweller into a mountain man culchie!

Traditional Irish braggot is a hybrid between a beer & a mead.  This concoction is no different..well balanced with a blend of Irish and English malts, sweetened with local honey & topped off with earthy floral hops.

Not for a weak Jibber!



Spitfire Irish Red Ale

Prepare to feel as wild and carefree as any Irish Spitfire!

This Irish Red Ale was created to highlight traditional Irish ingredients. Brewed with lightly-kilned malts, subtle hops & the crisp water found around Dublin and Wicklow, this beer will take your taste buds on a charismatic trip to Ireland!


Knotty or Nice Spruce Ale

Brewed with local spruce tips, this pale ale is like Christmas in a glass. Cozy up by the fire, roast some chestnuts, and hope Santa put you on the “Knotty” list.