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JR’S McDunk’ This

Which is better, the smell of you favorite donut shop first thing in the morning, or the taste of a delicious breakfast stout? Now you don’t have to choose! Created in collaboration with JR’s Donut Castle, this chocolate donut coffee milk stout will immediately transport you to the café counter. From the pleasant aroma of fresh donuts and subtle notes of espresso, to the decadent chocolate finish, this stout is definitely a taste fit for a king!

Cell Block 304

Gold Winner of the 2018 World Beer Cup!
A unique American Brown Ale that overtly breaks the laws of style.
American malts are combined with British specialty malts to build the backbone of this brown ale.
Criminally hopped with English bittering hops, this beer balances bitter earthiness with dark toasty malts and orange blossom honey.
AVAILABILITY: 12oz 6-pack and On-Tap

Spitfire Irish Red Ale

This Irish Red Ale was created to highlight traditional Irish ingredients. Brewed with lightly-kilned malts, subtle hops & the crisp water found around Dublin and Wicklow, this beer will take your taste buds on a charismatic trip to Ireland!
AVAILABILITY: 12oz 6-pack and On-Tap

From Ash & Ember

Our flagship beer, this Cascadian Ale (Black IPA) is brewed with dark malts to yield rich flavors of coffee, toast & caramel. Earthy tones and chalkiness are brought out by the unique water profile developed specifically for this beer. The hop varieties used yield a strong bitterness of citrus, floral & earthy notes.

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