JR’S McDunk’ This

Which is better, the smell of you favorite donut shop first thing in the morning, or the taste of a delicious breakfast stout? Now you don’t have to choose! Created in collaboration with JR’s Donut Castle, this chocolate donut coffee milk stout will immediately transport you to the café counter. From the pleasant aroma of fresh donuts and subtle notes of espresso, to the decadent chocolate finish, this stout is definitely a taste fit for a king!

Knotty Or Nice

A light, hoppy Pale Ale with hints of stone fruits and a subtle spruce finish. “Dry hopped” with locally harvested spruce tips, this festive ale will convince you that you’ve made our nice list this year.

Strawberry Beret

Dark chocolate, oats, roasted barleys are part of this silky light bodies stout.  Then we kiss the brew with just enough strawberries to create that chocolate-strawberry combination.

Luponic Rhapsody

Our take on a New England IPA… Malt & Milk sugar sweetness bursting with fruity hop flavors. This beer has a low bitterness & is big in flavor and aroma, generated through massive late whirlpool hop additions. Pleasing to the eyes, nose, and palate.

Muck Savage Irish Braggot

Traditional Irish braggot is a hybrid between a beer & a mead. This concoction is no different..well balanced with a blend of Irish and English malts, sweetened with local honey & topped off with earthy floral hops.
Available March – April

Bushwa Berliner

A blend of malty and sour, this highly effervescent brew is also known as “The People’s Champagne”. Whether you take it “Mit Schuss” (with a shot of sweet syrup), “Ein Rotes” (mixed with raspberry syrup), or “Ein Grünes” (mixed with traditional Woodruff syrup), you’ll want another Bushwa!
AVAILABILITY: 12oz 6-pack and On-Tap

Fernweh Marzen

This is a traditional Marzen brewed for Octoberfest. German malts, noble hops & high quality water create this mystical festival beer to be enjoyed only once a year.
Available October – November

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